Each year the Rotary Club of Kent funds one or more international projects to promote health, education or economic development.  One frequent recipient of our funds is:

Check out this video describing their work:


Education in these rural villages was so forgotten for so long. And then, step by step, the students are now willing to work to achieve, so they can continue on to University - which was nothing but a "thing" that some people did, but not them. We've been in on this from its beginnings, first some bookshelves - which they didn't even know how to build at that time, then some wells for local clean water, sanitation stations to recycle waste into free fertilizer, a school house so they could get a teacher, desks so the students did not sit on the floor. And now transitional scholarships to allow students to go to University, when previously education stopped at Grade 4 - if any at all was available.

Kent Rotary has made a difference in Ethiopia!

ALL juniors and seniors know about the transitional scholarships.  There has been enough growth in the number of junior and senior students that another area school will also teach grades 11 and 12.  BUT the students wouldn't agree to go there until they got word from Project Ethiopia that they would also be eligible for the transition scholarships. Rotary's funds will help us to expand this program to 60 awardees!

Exhibiting the motivation in the lower grades: one school added the capacity to serve all grades 1 to 8, had all 50 8th graders take the entry test for 9th grade (high school in Dangla town) and ALL 50 passed the test and will be part of the group of students who we hope will finish high school and possibly get a transition award to university.

What improvement for the future students in the entire area. 


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